After a previous tabling the Washington City Council took action on a resident’s request to keep a goat as an emotional support animal within the city limits.

The council tabled action on the livestock request for a residence in the 1100 block of North Iowa Avenue at their first January meeting upon request of further information from resident Amanda Pickering. She and her son have housed a goat named Honey since she was a newborn last July. The council had a split vote on approving the request, with Council Members Danielle Pettit-Majewski, Millie Youngquist, and Illa Earnest in favor. The council cited a letter submitted from Dr. Lindsey Van Duyn voicing the positive impact she has seen from the animal. Council Member Elaine Moore gave her concern on the lack of support-animal certification, and the goat’s kennel habitat without a fenced in yard. Mayor Jaron Rosien weighed the impacts of approval or denial, “I’d have concerns about it following the same rules that we have for other animals if it’s free in the backyard – dogs at large, goats at large – same rules. So I have concerns, but when I’m asked with which is more disruptive I fear that removing the goat from this child’s care is more disruptive than, like Illa said, maybe we’re making a big deal. I don’t like the precedent, but a lot of effort is going into this request.”

The council decided to give Pickering six months before they review the case again to see how the goat develops and if there are any more causes for concern. Police Chief Jim Lester shared that his department has responded to six calls to the Pickering’s home in the past year, none that were goat related.

Photos provided to the Washington City Council.