Map courtesy of the City of Washington.

Parking restrictions in downtown Washington will be outlined in new signs. The City Council approved the signs at their recent meeting. City Administrator Brent Hinson explained the parking regulation areas are already on the books, “All we’re doing is, is just placing signs that were already allowed under the ordinance.” The one addition is to include no parking during snow removal. To clarify, Hinson read the ordinance, “It is unlawful to park any vehicle for a continued period of more than two hours between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on each day except Sundays and holidays in the area along the curb on the business side of the street, not including parking stalls directly adjacent to Central Park. So basically, it’s the business side, it’s not the center parking that’s two hours, it’s just along the businesses.” This will make the no parking enforceable around the square. As it is now, that’s not the case. In addition, having the parking restrictions more visible to the public will make it easier for crews to clean snow during the winter months.