Bids for renovating the existing Washington City Hall will be received Tuesday. The new Washington Fire Department is nearing completion and the next step in the project is to update the current building that houses the fire department, city hall, and police station to be that of just the police station and city hall. This will provide both departments more space and increase efficiency. City Administrator Brent Hinson said they held a pre-bid meeting with high attendance, “We had 14 or 15 attendees, including like seven or eight general contractors. So we have at this point we actually have 18 general contractors who have taken out plans, which is a lot of interest. So we’ll just have to see what things look like come bid day.” He says that hopefully the increased interest equates to competitive bid rates. The council officially approved the plans, specifications, form of contract and $2.1-million estimate of cost. Construction is expected to begin in September.