New recycling and non-recycling containers have been issued to Kalona residents. Photo by Sam McIntosh.

The Kalona City Council gave the final passage on the new recycling and non-recycling service rates at Monday’s meeting.

The rates will be $16.50 per month for those who chose both 65-gallon recycling and non-recycling containers, and $15 per month for those who chose a 65-gallon recycling container and 35-gallon non-recycling container. If residents exceed the amount of the container they can purchase a $3 sticker for a 50-gallon bag. Kalona residents received these new carts at no charge from Johnson County Refuse, which will be running new trucks that automatically pick up each cart itself. This system is also being implemented in North Liberty, Solon, and Tiffin. The new refuse system and service rates take effect with the new fiscal year after July 1st.