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A chain reaction of car accidents last night on Interstate 80 claimed the life of a Williamsburg girl, and injured three others.

The Iowa State Patrol says an officer had activated his car’s emergency lights to warn motorists of an accident near the Oxford exit. According to the accident report three vehicles passed by, and the one in the rear failed to slow down.

Police say it smashed into the second vehicle, which was then forced into the lead vehicle.

Police say 14 year old Melissa Street, who was a passenger in the second vehicle, was killed in the crash. Another passenger in the vehicle, 18 year old Michael Street, as well as the driver 52 year old Karen Dye, were taken to University of Iowa Hospital for treatment of injuries.

Also hospitalized was the driver of the third vehicle 43 year old Jorge Ortiz of Washington.

Police say the accident remains under investigation.

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