A preliminary trial hearing has been set in the felony sex abuse case involving Washington Mayor Jaron Rosien. Rosien was charged Tuesday with Sexual Abuse in the 3rd Degree, a Class C Felony; he turned himself in to Washington County authorities later that day. KCII News spoke with Washington City Council Member Millie Youngquist to get more information about what this means for city government functionality. She states, “I am the mayor pro tem, which is just the person who sits in if the mayor can’t be there, and I think Jaron is going to step back from leading the council meetings for several weeks; I’m not sure how long and I’m going to be taking over leading the meetings. Everything else is proceeding as normal, you know, working on the budget, having our first budget meeting next week. And he’s going to be working in the background, I think, not resigning or stepping down. Just temporarily, I’m kind of helping out.” Rosien’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for 11 AM, Friday, February 3rd,  at the Washington County Courthouse. Rosien was released from custody after posting bond Wednesday. KCII will bring you more information as it becomes official.