Washington County’s recount for the Second Congressional District wrapped up Friday afternoon and showed no changes from the results officially canvassed in the county. Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks received 6,633 votes and Democrat Rita Hart had 4,650 votes.

Washington County Auditor Dan Widmer explained the process, “This includes any disputed ballots, such as provisional ballots that were objected to but ultimately considered valid and were counted by the absentee ballot board. But I will say recounts, such as what’s going to be occurring, do not include rejected absentee or provisional ballots, or spoiled ballots, or any defective ballots. Basically, it’s a formal procedure in which ballots that were voted and counted in the election are simply counted again.”

The three-member recount board that oversaw the process consisted of former Washington Mayor Sandra Johnson, former Iowa House Representative Sandra Greiner, and current Washington Mayor Jaron Rosien.

The recount was requested for all 24 counties in the district. As of Friday evening, Miller-Meeks led the count by 46 votes according to the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office.