While they haven’t applied for a waiver request to move their learning online, the Columbus Community and Winfield-Mount School Districts will be in a “just in case” mode next week.  Jeff Maeder, Superintendent for both districts, says they will conduct a virtual learning day this Monday in preparation for the possibility of school closures down the road, “We thought it would be helpful for both staff and students see what this looks like and to get through some of the challenges; you know there’s only so much you can anticipate by doing this and we felt like this would be a good practice, a good way to find out where are our gaps are so that if we had to do something in the future in terms of virtual learning what we’d be that much further ahead.”  Maeder says there will be no school for Columbus Community and Winfield-Mount Union students Tuesday, but it will be an in-service day for teachers and administrators to evaluate how their online learning test run went on Monday. After the Thanksgiving break, Maeder says the plan is to have all students back at school starting Monday, November 30. Thus far, both school districts have been 100 percent onsite for classroom learning for the entire school year.