Agencies are still looking for personal protective equipment items as COVID-19 continues to circulate. Washington County Emergency Management Coordinator Marissa Reisen says the thing that is in high demand that is hard to find right now are gloves, “I’m trying to reiterate t people who use gloves for other non-medical things stay away from nitrile. Nitrile, the thin nitrile gloves are such a high priority for any healthcare, that’s what they need. If you need gloves for your job but it doesn’t need to be nitrile, use something else.” She said she used to be able to order cases of nitrile gloves from a supplier and now she can only get a box at a time.

Reisen explained that for long term care facilities to enter the next phase where they can again accept visitors, they’ll have to be able to source their own PPE unless there’s a new outbreak. She said a couple of facilities in Washington County are nearing that milestone but aren’t quite there yet.