Twenty-four Lone Tree students participated in a brand new J-Term class called “How to Get Away With Murder.” This class brought students into the world of investigation where they were tasked with finding a would-be murderer guilty or not guilty. Business technology teacher Jessica Howard explained how she created this class, “It just kind of kept popping up in my head that we should really do something where students are active in the community and working hard all day and are being pushed out of their comfort zone. So, How to Get Away With Murder was a great hook and pull in for our kids, and we just decided what could we do that would be interesting to them? So, it’s a mock trial where the kids were lawyers, the defendant, are witnesses, jurors, judge, court officer, and a court reporter.”

Howard and her students traveled to the Muscatine County Courthouse every day for the class. Howard says because of the student’s push to have this class available next year, she will begin planning next year’s “How To Get Away With Murder” class.