Certified enrollment numbers have been released for area districts and Mid-Prairie saw an increase in students. Certified enrollment this year is 1,278.32 students, an increase of 19.37 students from last year’s total, and an increase of nearly 100 students from 10 years ago. The total number of students served by the district is 1,522.43 an increase of 26.27 students over last year’s number of 1,496.15. Some students are not counted as full numbers within the district because they are served by preschool or home school assistance programs. According to Mid-Prairie Superintendent Mark Schneider, if the district were to count all students who are served by district programs, the number would increase to more than 1,800. For every student Mid-Prairie loses through open enrollment out of the district, they gain more than 10 open enrolling in. For the 2019-2020 school  year, more than 400 students are open enrolling into the district. While state funding has not been set yet for this year, if the numbers remain consistent with what they were a year ago, the district will receive an additional $130,844.