Johnathan Walker

Jamie Flack

A sentencing was held for a Keokuk County man charged with attempted murder Friday.

The defendant 27-year-old Johnathan James Ray Walker of What Cheer was sentenced to five years in prison for a conviction of willful injury causing bodily injury. Walker is also ordered to pay a fine of $750 and a suspended fine of $750, and his DNA sample will be required. A count of attempted murder was dismissed as Walker entered an Alford Plea. According to the criminal complaint on March 3rd Walker stabbed Joseph Bernardo 16 times, including once to the chest and once to the abdomen, and beat him with a baseball bat. Bernardo also sustained several bone fractures. An arraignment is scheduled for Walker’s girlfriend Jamie Lynn Flack on August 3rd, who is also charged with attempted murder for aiding and abetting Walker according to the criminal complaint.