Friday is the final day of the Washington County Fair.

The livestock auction begins on the fairgrounds at 8:30 and continues through the day. Poultry will be the first animals up on the block followed by cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits and finishing with a ribbon only sale for swine champions. Washington County 4-H and Youth Coordinator Amy Green spoke about the event, and the importance for area youth. “The livestock auction is one of the culminating project moments for our 4-Hers who have market animals that they have exhibited. It’s such a highlight for the kids too, to be able to be in that ring with their animal with people looking at it. Kind of the last moment also that they get with their animals before they exchange hands with either an individual buyer or a sale barn for the next steps.”

Across the state 4-Hers produce about 17 million pounds of meat with their livestock projects. Green shares thanks for all buyers who come to the auction as the proceeds go to local youth.