Seventeen 4-H’ers and seven Clover Kids participated in the Washington County Clothing Event on Sunday, July 9 at the Washington County Extension Office. 4-H members have the option of three categories to participate in, $15 Challenge, Clothing Selection or Fashion Revue. In the $15 Challenge category 4-H’ers shopped for second-hand items totaling $15 or less. This excludes accessories, undergarments and shoes. The Clothing Selection category is purchased clothing & Fashion Revue category is a constructed outfit.

Senior 4-H’ers representing Washington County at the Iowa State Fair Awardrobe Event in the $15 Challenge will be Baylee Stalder of the Green Acres 4-H Club. Baylee Stalder of the Green Acres 4-H Club will also represent in the Clothing Selection category. The State Fair Awardrobe Clothing Event will be held on Thursday, August 10.

The top winners in the Intermediate age division were Zoe Fisher of the Limecreek Limelights in the $15 Challenge and Jenna Messer of the Washington Go-Getters in the Clothing Selection.

In the Junior division, for $15 Challenge Category the Outstanding Junior went to Cayten Coakley of the Crooked Creek 4-H Club . The runner up lavender ribbon went to Maya Murphy of the Washington Go-Getters. In the Clothing Selection category Peighton Ford of the Limecreek Limelights received the Outstanding Junior and Grace Conger of the Dutch Creek Flyers received a lavender runner up. In the Fashion Revue category the Outstanding Junior went to Grace Conway of the Limecreek Limelights and the runner up lavender ribbon to Isadora Goode of the Limecreek Limelights.

Other participants included:
Juniors in Clothing Selection:
Maya Murphy, Cayten Coakley, Grace Conger, Alexandrea Murphy, Peighton Ford
Isadora Goode, Grace Conway

Juniors in $15 Challenge:
Isadoora Goode, Cayten Coakley, Isabelle Duvall, Grace Conway, Halle Cuddeback, Alexandria Murphy, Taylor Garman, Maya Murphy, Rowan Ross

Juniors in Fasion Revue:
Isadoora Goode, Grace Conway, Alexandrea Murphy, Maya Murphy

Intermediate Clothing Selection
Purple: Jenna Messer
Lavender: Delaney Gerot
Blue: Zoe Fisher

Intermediate $15 Challenge
Lavender: Jenna Messer
Purple: Zoe Fisher

Senior $15 Challenge
Purple: Baylee Stalder
Lavender: Avery Blauvelt

Senior Clothing Selection
Purple: Baylee Stalder
Blue: Emily Hora
Lavender: Avery Blauvelt

A Style Revue for the public will be held at the Washington County Fair on Wednesday, July 19, 3:00 p.m. in combination with Share the Fun Event at the Washington Community Center.

Clover Kids also gained experience in the clothing selection division. The clover kids were paired up with an older 4-H’er who served as mentor to them. Those participating were 4-H mentors Emily Hora, Baylee Stalder and Jenna Messer. Clover Kids included: Lyric Wright, Sarah Berdo, Hannah Rodgers, Myli Hershberger, Audrey Smith, Lillian Young and Emily Rinner.

The Clover Kids Style Revue for the public is on Wednesday, July 19 at 3:00 p.m. at the Washington Community Center. Clover Kids are invited to participate as 2nd and 3rd graders to learn more about the clothing project area. It also helps develop communication skills.