The US Postal Service announced some cutbacks on Monday. The biggest area of cuts comes from first class mail, which will no longer be one day delivery. This is due to a plan of consolidation for mail processing center across the country, as well as declining mail volume. Richard Watkins, the spokesman for the mid-west district of the postal service says they also announced that they will be cutting 115,000 jobs. They have been looking at offices they could close and mail routes that they could combine to reduce employees. He says they look at a lot of different factors when they decide to close a post office. He says its not about the volume of mail necessarily, but what communities need an actual post office, and what communities can use other services for mailing, such as office supply stores and grocery stores they have partnered with to sell stamps and take packages. He added that they will always serve every community, they just need to decide which communities actually need a building for their mailing needs.

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