All are invited to the 2024 Keota Spring Production, hitting the stage on Wednesday, April 3 and Saturday, April 6. Both performances will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Keota High School Auditorium.

This year’s play is called Heaven Help the Po’Taters! Senior cast member Cassie Swantz briefly described the plot to KCII. “It takes place in Idaho. There’s a drought because the head of the B. Z. Beaver Corporation won’t let water in. So all of the farmers in the county are trying to get together to figure out a way to get water.” The play features plenty of laughs, even more puns, and a cast of students from sixth through twelfth grade.

Tickets are seven dollars for adults and five dollars for students. To reserve tickets in advance, call Keota High School at 641-636-3491.