While social distancing has been implemented in childrens’ lives today due to COVID-19, the Sigourney Elementary School staff wanted to bring a positive spin to it. Teachers and staff got together on Wednesday and paraded throughout Sigourney to say hi and we miss you to their students. More than 20 cars and a bus load of staff waved to the children from a safe distance to make sure they knew their teachers were still thinking about them during their time away. Sigourney Elementary Principal Deanna Hutchings tells KCII News the overwhelming emotion this event brought to teachers and students alike, “Just their smiles definitely warmed our hearts and brought tears to a lot of our eyes to see how excited they were and to hear them say our names and wave back. They had signs along the route telling us how much they miss us as well. So it’s definitely a positive, not just for the students and the community, but it was a blessing for us staff as well, just to get to love on the kids.” Other area schools are also planning similar parades to keep in touch with their students during the recommended closing of schools.