The City of Riverside is embracing their pop culture landmark as the birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk with their RAGBRAI theme, “Ride Long and Prosper.”

Thousands of bicyclists will be trekking through Riverside on their way from Sigourney to Iowa City on July 27 for the annual statewide bike ride. Organizer Kevin Meller shares what Riverside has in store, “We plan on having live music. We’re in the process of contracting with a few different bands, so once those are finalized we can announce it but we plan on having live music from about 8:30 in the morning then we’re going to go until 5. And then we have to shut down for a couple hours or so and then we’ll probably get another band on the stage that evening and have a party for all our volunteers, I know they’re going to work really hard that day.”

Vendor fees will not be made official until the city council meeting May 21st but Meller says they plan on having it be $300 for everyone. For information on how to volunteer visit