A woman was arrested in Washington Sunday after “yelling and screaming” during a service at the United Presbyterian Church. According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, around 6 p.m. 46-year-old Denise Sumowski-Anderson of Washington was arrested for disorderly conduct. Reverend Bill Warhover, interim pastor at the church, in a written statement said, she yelled in a threatening manner at another person at the church, the second such incident. A restraining order has been placed by the police, restricting Sumowski-Anderson from the facility.

Warhover added, the church has been welcoming and supportive to this person over the last year, and “keeping someone from coming to church is a serious decision, it is also our responsibility to make sure that those who come here feel safe and welcomed.” The pastor has also offered to provide support and counsel to Sumowski-Anderson is she desires it, at an off-site location.