Today is World Heart Day which prompts the awareness of heart disease prevention. [simage=2937,200,n,left]

This year’s focus is on women and children.  Dr. Stephan Schomer a cardiologist from the Iowa City Heart Center, P.C. says the signs are different for women than they are for men.  He says the typical symptoms are pressure or heaviness in the chest associated with shortness of breath.

Dr. Schomer adds the number one symptom of heart disease in women is fatigue.  He notes having a regular exercise regimen, blood pressure assessment, and assessment of cholesterol values can contribute to staying healthy.

Dr. Schomer mentions if there are known heart problems that run in a family to see your doctor and get the proper screenings.  He adds if you see someone experiencing a heart attack, to call 911 right away and to start CPR until help arrives.

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