Join the Washington High School Speech team as they demonstrate their talents on Thursday evening. The Speech Showcase will begin at 7 PM in the High School Auditorium. The Washington Speech Team recently completed the Large Group District Speech Competition, receiving nine division 1 ratings. Find the complete list of Division 1 rating recipients with this story at 

Ashlee Bose
Isobel Murphy
Ada Kendall
Isabella Lujan
William Kennedy
Maya Bruty
Iris Dahl
Amelia Dahl
Bailey Rees
Cecilia Murphy
Levi Applegate
Rita Du
Makynna Morgan
Charlotte Windmill
Keyla Aranda
Quincy Griffis
Callie Schiebel
Claire Wubbena
Luna Morris
Katherine Flannery
Allison Rees
Kevin Flannery
Mikaila Matheson
Matthew Vanderpol
Molly Klinzman
Quintyn Garibay