Washington has opportunities for retailers and home-based businesses to move onto the square, with two locations available for rent.

The Village, located at 101 S Marion Ave, is a collection of individually owned boutiques located on the square in Washington. They are dedicated to assuring each shop is unique, and merchandise isn’t duplicated from the other shops at The Village. The shop “Village Gifts” currently has one space available to rent. They would like to keep the current “home décor” theme but are open to other options. They have the option to carry on an already established business. The Village has a second space available for a retailer to move in.

Square footage is approximately 210 sq. ft., and the rent is $368/month. Contact information for those interested in renting this space can be found at the bottom of the article.

Call: 319-653-4899 

Email: thevillagewashingtoniowa@gmail.com.