At the August 2nd City Council meeting, several citizens of Washington spoke on concerns they had about possible parking changes being made to N. Marion Ave, N. Iowa Ave, E. Main St, E 2nd St, and Highland Ave. The first reading of several changes to parking regulations for non-contentious areas was held later in the meeting. However, none of the possible changes that the citizens spoke about were on the agenda for the meeting.

Washington Mayor Jaron Rosien spoke with KCII after the meeting to clear up some of the confusion that has emerged during these changes. “Those changes got pulled from the agenda four weeks ago; miscommunication and confusion seems to be continuing. The Council has listened to those citizens that have expressed concerns and those that spoke at the meeting yesterday none of those changes are being proposed. Again, the Council has been listening to their concerns; it doesn’t mean there’s not some miscommunication and confusion about parking which is probably why it hasn’t been looked at in eleven years.”

A workshop session was also held to discuss more possible parking changes and the possible implementation of a snow ban parking policy to help the snow clearing process. Eleven changes to parking regulations were given a first reading at the August 2nd meeting, with the complete list being available in the Council Packet online on the City of Washington’s website.