The Mid-Prairie Esports club was given the green light for drone take-off during the Mid-Prairie School Board meeting Monday.

The board adopted the district’s amended drone policy upon approval of the second reading. This comes after the Esports club was seeking an indoor space to practice for drone races during the winter months. The previous drone policy had stated that in maintaining the safety, security and privacy of students, employees and visitors, the use of unmanned aircrafts on district property or in the space above it is prohibited without exception from the superintendent with no mention of operating aircrafts within district buildings. Changes to the policy included clarification to the operation of aircrafts inside school facilities and that it now pertains to coaches and district sponsors as well as school employees. The policy states that any unmanned aircrafts can be operated as a part of a district curriculum or activities program and must be approved by the superintendent. Operators must also supply proof of insurance meeting liability limits established by the district, present appropriate registration and authorization issued by the Federal Aviation Administration, sign an agreement holding the district harmless from any claims of harm and meet additional requirements as determined by the district. Failure to abide by the policy may result in local, state or federal penalties. All aircrafts must also be operated in accordance with the Iowa High School Athletic Association and Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union policy.