Starting this weekend, ISU Extension and Outreach is offering their “Women Planning Ag Businesses” program.

The course includes both in-person and virtual classes and seminars to help women plan and document ideas for new or expanding businesses. Kim Anderson owns and operates an organic blueberry farm near Brighton and went through the ISU program courtesy of Annie’s Project in Washington County in 2018. She says now is a great time for women to explore ag-related businesses, “Just get out there and ask a lot of questions. Sometimes people know what they want to do, sometimes they don’t. I think the pandemic brought out a lot of people interested in buying local food, really interested in any kind of agri-tourism business we can do and still social distance. So, there are a lot of opportunities out there. You sometimes just have to think outside the box.”

Anderson advises aspiring women entrepreneurs to do a lot of networking and gather as much information as possible about running a business. She says it hasn’t always been easy operating a business in an industry that has been male dominated for years.

CLICK HERE for more information on the “Women Planning Ag Businesses” program.