Teenagers and adults alike are reminded to put their phones away and focus on the road ahead to cut down on distracted driving accidents and fatalities. Beginning in 2017, distracted driving became a primary law, meaning a law enforcement officer can stop any driver who is seen texting or using their phones. The law does give leeway to adults to use their phones for GPS services or to make a phone call. Washington County Sheriff Jared Schneider explains that teenagers have more restrictions in place than adults do when it comes to using their phones while in the driver’s seat, “For teenagers, Iowa doesn’t allow them to use their phones for talking or texting while they are behind the wheel of a vehicle. Unless they are pulled completely off of the roadway and stopped. It’s one of those things that they shouldn’t even be using when they are going down the road. Whether it’s to tell them to put it someplace out of their reach where they can’t get a hold of it so they are not tempted to use it. I know there’s also the ability through some phones and apps to put on a do not disturb so when they are driving it won’t send them the notifications of a new text message, or it won’t ring, it’ll send those phone calls directly to voicemail so they are not tempted to pick up the phone.” Fines for texting while driving in Iowa can cost anywhere from $100.50 for a standard ticket, up to $10,000 and time in prison if there is an accident causing death to another driver. When you’re texting, you’re not focused on driving, so put the phone away and focus on the road.