Every registered voter in Iowa will receive a form to request a ballot by mail for the general election. The Iowa Secretary of State’s office will be mailing these forms out.

Washington County Auditor Dan Widmer says it’s similar to how forms were sent out for the June primary, “And it’s somewhat similar to what the Secretary of State’s office did for the primary back in June, with one big difference and that is that it will be an absentee ballot request only. And the information for the individual voters will not be pre-populated like it was for the June primary. In other words, people will need to complete the absentee ballot request themselves and that includes all the necessary information.” Widmer adds that if someone is missing information on the request form when the auditor’s office receives it, they will then call or email that person to confirm the information and complete it, or will mail a letter.

The absentee ballots will be mailed out to voters who have completed the request forms on October 5th.

Ballots can be mailed back in or placed in the Washington County Courthouse drop box. Widmer says absentee voting is a safe option, “Especially with the regard to the coronavirus situation, it’s a way to vote at home and avoid a visit to the polling places on election day where there are other people, other individuals.” People will also be able to vote early in person at the courthouse.

Iowans can register to vote online – click here.