There will be no competition season for the Washington High School marching band this fall. Many band festivals have been cancelled due to coronavirus concerns.

Band director Don Hughes shares what the Marching Demon Nation will be doing, “Since most of our competitions went down, and I’m pretty sure the other few that we usually go to will probably fall along the way, we’re going to use the time to do as much, I guess get as much out of it as we can. As far as straight up ball games, and again we’ll see how those shape as the season goes on. But as of now, we’re planning to do a regular pre-game, march to the stadium and pre-game show. My idea for halftime, we’re going to dig out music from past shows.”

So, the audience may hear favorite tunes from years past as the band will do a standstill halftime show. This year’s drum majors are Hunter Rarick and Mateo Salazar. The duo will lead the band with new music each performance.