Less than a month remains until students pack their bags for the first day of school, and the Sigourney School District has their plan in place. After working alongside Keokuk County Public Health officials and seeking guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, the school district has created a 36-page document outlining their on-site and online return to learn plan. Students and staff will not be required to wear a face covering, but are highly encouraged to do so in compact spaces such as bathrooms and hallways. The district will maintain a steady supply of personal protective equipment including an adequate supply of face shields, rubber gloves, and a four-week supply of disinfectant solution and hand sanitizing solution at all times. All food items will be served to students during lunch and water fountains will be closed except for the water bottle filling stations. The district has also outlined online learning plans in the case of classes being cancelled due to COVID-19. Included in this online plan are daily learning recommendations for each grade, delivering lessons through pre-recorded videos and live video conference calls, and ways to accommodate students with school work if no internet is available at their home. The school district will continue to monitor the health situation in Keokuk County to make the best decision for student learning and wellbeing throughout the school year.