The 2020 Old Threshers Reunion has been cancelled. This is the first time in Mt. Pleasant event’s 70-year history where it has been cancelled. While the Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Board of Directors did consider holding the event with COVID-19 restrictions in place, the decision was made this week to not hold the event this year. The event was set to take place September 3-7. The board saw many challenges if they chose to continue the event, including requiring face masks, temperature checks, staffing with a large portion of volunteers considered part of high-risk groups, and social distancing attendees during events such as the Harvest Day Parade, Daily Cavalcade of Power, and country music shows. Refunds will be available to those who have already purchased admission tickets, grandstand tickets, and rental campsites. Money contributions can also be used toward next year’s event. The board has set a date for next year’s event for September 2-6, 2021.