Hillcrest Academy is looking for old technology equipment from community members for a chance to win a suite of new technology. The school district will hold an E-waste recycling drive from May 9th-23rd for anyone to drop off any unused technology to be recycled responsibly. This is all part of the Dell Erase E-Waste Sweepstakes the school is participating in. Business teacher and tech specialist Angela Snakenberg is unsure what the community response will be, but she says measures will be taken to keep participants and staff members safe and healthy, “We felt that by having it just be a drop off point and there’s not a staff member there waiting for you or helping you with it, then there is a no contact kind of recycling drive. Since you’re not being face to face with everyone, you’re just dropping it off. Then, of course, the staff members that are handling the items to get them to the recycling point will be wearing gloves. I think that by doing those things it should be something people can still feel comfortable participating in even with everything going on.” 


The winner of the sweepstakes will win $30,000 worth of technology such as a 3D printer, laptops, headphones, and an interactive display. Items such as working and non-working computers, printers, ink cartridges, scanners, speakers, mice, keyboards, and cords and cables can be donated. The school asks that TVs not be donated due to extra costs associated with recycling TVs. Items can be dropped off at the main entryway of the school between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.


Hillcrest Academy is located at 1421 540th St SW, Kalona