Over 1,000 flowers were sold and $3,000 raised during the Mid-Prairie Home School Assistance Program Garden Club fundraiser. Within the first 12 hours the club sold out of all available flowers and they will  distribute them next week. Home School Assistance Program teacher Laura Mallory says she was blown away by the amount of support from the community and hopes to do this again, “We are super excited by the suggested donations people have been giving for the flowers. It’s going to truly be a huge asset to our program, to enhance our outdoor education, continue to fund the sustainability of the green house, the water and electricity. We hope to put in several rain barrels around the Mid-Prairie Home School Assistance building and just continue to have growing adventures with the students.” Mallory says the next project the Garden Club will tackle is planting chrysanthemums, also known as mums, in July. The club will deliver the purchased flowers on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.