The class of 2020 has faced adversity throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, but one drivers ed company wanted to find a way to celebrate Mid-Prairie’s 79 graduating seniors. The Open Road Driving School owners Jenny and Ryan Turner bought $25 dollar gift cards for every member of the senior class at Mid-Prairie as a thank you and congratulations. Ryan Turner tells KCII News how they came up with this gift, “I remember my senior year. I’m old but not that old, but I remember senior skip day. I remember my senior prom. I remember our senior prank and our senior t-shirts, and just the excitement and feeling that goes with that and these kids are not going to experience it. So we thought that would be a creative way we can give back and bless the senior class at Mid-Prairie was to give them a little Amazon gift card. It’s safe because they can shop online and have something delivered to their door so they don’t have to go out. It can also bring a smile to their faces during a time when it seems like there is a lot of sadness out there.” Ryan Turner left a message to the entire class of 2020, saying the best is yet to come and he’s excited for what they will accomplish. Ryan and Jenny both have children who attend Mid-Prairie Middle School. The gift cards will be distributed at Mid-Prairie High School on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.