Tyson Foods Inc. has been at the forefront of providing food to local Iowa food pantries during the COVID-19 outbreak, and another large donation was just made. Their latest donation brought over 26 cases of chicken fillets to the Ainsworth Food Pantry. This donation was so large, the pantry needed to find locations in Washington to store excess chicken due to  freezer space. Highland Elementary teacher Brenda Bean tells KCII News what has surprised her the most while volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic, “I’ve actually been surprised that there haven’t been more families asking for food. We did have some we don’t typically serve call and ask for help, and we’re happy to help them, but so far it hasn’t been as many as I expected.” The food pantry is located at the south building of the Ainsworth Community Church and is serving food on the third Wednesday of the month from 3-6 p.m. or by appointment.