Valentine’s Day is finally here, and often love is paired with chocolate this time of year, that’s true in Kalona, too. The Kalona Chocolate store is filling up with customers. In the months of January and February, the small, local chocolate store sees an increase in sales and daily traffic, according to owner Lyndon Hershberger. Since opening up in 2009, Hershberger says customers recommend various different candies to be made, including chocolate-covered bacon, “Our customers kind of drive our new products. Somebody will be in and say, ‘Hey, I saw this on vacation, is this something you ever considered?’ As an example we had somebody ask about chocolate-covered orange peels, which we have available now. Another one that comes to mind, we had a local meat shop come in and say, ‘Have you ever considered doing chocolate covered bacon? Maybe we can supply the bacon to you.’’ The store is not without their Valentine’s Day specials this year, including chocolate covered strawberries and cake pop bouquets, both available to order this weekend. Last-minute Valentine’s Day shoppers can look to local businesses for their gifts.