Your next Valentine may be found at PAWS and More in Washington. The animal shelter is holding a Valentine’s Day special to help spread the love and get more animals into their forever homes. Director of PAWS and More Amber Talbot says they are waving cat adoption fees this Friday and Saturday, “We say two hearts are better than one, which you know is so true. And cats really enjoy that companionship. The great thing about cats as pets is that they’re more independent, you can go away for longer periods of time. They’re pretty self-sustaining to a certain extent. If you do adopt a buddy or if you have a companion for your cat it makes leaving for longer periods of time much easier. And if you have a busy work schedule, where you are working longer hours and you’re feeling guilty that you’re not spending enough time, it just reduces that guilt because they have their friend there.”

She says people who are interested in adopting a cat or a pair can visit the shelter from noon to 4 p.m. Friday or Saturday. Talbot says the shelter will be offering same-day adoptions and applications for cats turned in this weekend will be honored if people need a little more time to think over the decision.