The Iowa Democratic Party released another portion of Monday’s caucus results overnight Tuesday into Wednesday. At this time, 71% of the precincts have been reported. Those results have Pete Buttigieg with 418.722 state delegate equivalents, Bernie Sanders with 393.521 delegates, Elizabeth Warren with 286.882 delegates, followed by Joe Biden with 241.314, Amy Klobuchar with 196.696, Andrew Yang with 16.433, Tom Steyer with 4.959, and Mike Bloomberg with 0.133. The total number of National Convention Delegates will not be announced until all of the precincts have been reported.

Local precinct chairs told KCII News that in Washington County delegates were allotted to five candidates with Sanders with 20, Warren with 14, Buttigieg at 13, Klobuchar at 13, and Biden with 10. KCII News will bring you more information as it becomes official.