A stranded youth group received help from a local church.

The United Church of Crawfordsville opened their doors to a youth group whose bus broke down while passing through the town. According to Pastor Jason Collier, he and his daughter were running errands when they saw two busses on the side of the road. When Collier, who is also a member of local volunteer fire departments, learned they were stranded, he knew he could help, “When I asked their director what they needed, she said they needed cold water. I said, ‘How about we get you guys to the church and take care of you there?’ I went and got the ambulance, my daughter went and got a truck, the deputy hauled people and we got everybody back to the church.”

It happened on July 5th when temperatures reached a high of 90 degrees. Once everybody was out of the heat they ordered pizza and put some movies on the TV to make the best of a tricky situation.

Collier said it was just second nature to extend a helping hand, “As a pastor, as a fireman, as a first responder, I just always want to do the right thing, no matter what. It’s so strange how the timeline of your life can change in a moment. Two busses, at the same time, stranded in the little town of Crawfordsville, that’s half the population of our town. They were absolutely a very gracious group who blessed our people as much as we were able to bless them.”

When the youth group form Quincy, Illinois returned home, they sent a letter thanking the church for their help. Collier said they were returning from an adventure camp to learn about acts of service and they were grateful they got to see it in action.