An art teacher from Arizona will be making the trip to Brighton this weekend to offer free art lessons.

Doris Canavan has been teaching art for over 50 years. She currently teaches at the Arizona Art Store in Sun City, Arizona. In addition to her teaching and art background, Canavan won the 2003 Miss Senior Colorado Pageant.

Her talent was playing the wooden spoons, which she will also be showcasing this weekend, “I’m excited about it, and I hope the people of Brighton will be excited to have me play my wooden spoons.That was my talent for the pageant that I won in 2003 and I’ve been playing my wooden spoons ever since.”

Canavan spent the first few years of her marriage in Osceola before moving west. Canavan coincidentally met an Iowa couple at a movie theater several years ago in Arizona. While bonding over their Iowa ties, they’ve remained in touch. This year, the same couple invited Canavan to be a part of the celebration and to pass along some of her artistic knowledge.