The Iowa Democratic Party is working to change the caucus system to make it streamlined and more accessible. The plan was unanimously approved by the State Central Committee. Changes include offering six virtual caucus sessions over six days. Those virtual caucus-goers would be able to rank up to five choices for president and the results will then be split by congressional district. Also, the realignment process will be changed to only allow members of non-viable groups to realign at the precinct caucuses. Another update would allow presidential campaigns to ask for a recount of caucus results by congressional district or statewide if it could affect the allocation of delegates at the national convention. Also, caucus night results will be locked, meaning that the allocation of national delegates will be determined caucus night, not as a result of the convention process. The delegates will include 2,107 from county conventions and 210 from the virtual caucus. The plan will now go to the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee for final consideration.