Don’t stop them now: the Mid-Prairie High School Marching Band is hard at work preparing for their fall show titled “Queen Extravaganza.”

The band held their camp this week for a show featuring popular tunes from the British rock band. Drum Major Sierra Mathews comments on the group’s progress, “For this band camp we’ve actually gotten a lot more accomplished than we have in previous years, like we already have the entire first song’s drill put on the field which is crazy, a huge step.”

This year’s drum majors are seniors Mathews, Alexys Clark, and Stephannie Schrock. The Queen Extravaganza will feature the songs Don’t Stop Me Now, Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are the Champions, and Bicycle Race. Mathews shares her favorite part of the show, “Don’t Stop Me Now is a pretty good one. I love it because it definitely features the upper woodwinds when marching band is usually about the low brass and trumpets and everything, so I mean that chance to really bring out the soft, light, sensitive part of the band is honestly what makes that the most awesome song for me.”

The band’s first performance will be at the Mid-Prairie football team’s first home game on September 7th and their first competition will be the Wilton Festival of Bands on October 6th.