This summer, Mid-Prairie’s athletic department underwent a transition. After serving at the post for seven years, Mid-Prairie Athletic Director Steve Hollan retired and Columbus Schools Athletic Director Tyler Hotz was hired for the same position. Hotz took over the AD duties in July and spent this summer getting acclimated to the district. Hotz talked about his work over the last six weeks to get ready for the upcoming school year. “I’ve met a lot of good people and a lot of people to help me out. I’m learning the ropes and what’s a little bit different about Mid-Prairie. I’m also developing my role as AD and Assistant Principal at the High School. I met with each of my head coaches individually, to touch base about where they have been, where they want to go and start setting some goals.”

Hotz also shared what he is most excited about moving into a new school year. “Meeting with my head coaches yesterday, and I actually got introduced to the football team as well, I’m really excited to meet the people of Mid-Prairie. This is my first year not coaching.”

The first day of school for Mid-Prairie is Thursday, August 23rd.