The City of Washington is getting closer to construction of its new fire station.

The Washington City Council approved the final plans, specifications, form of contract, and estimate of costs for the building construction at a special session Tuesday. The station designs were made by Design Alliance, Inc., and the total estimated project cost is $2,904,027. City Administrator Brent Hinson comments on contractor prospects, “Great news so far on the fire station bids. We’ve got 15 plan holders for general contractors so that’s phenomenal. We think we’re hitting a sweet spot in the bid market, we’ll find out for sure on August 9th.”

The city council will have a bid letting for the contractor on August 9th and will award a contract on August 21st. The city council also approved a proposal to purchase $1,845,000 in Local Option Sales and Services Tax Revenue Bonds from Northland Securities, Inc. of Minneapolis, Minnesota for the fire station project.