After a debate that’s lasted three legislative sessions and two governors, a water quality bill now sits on Governor Kim Reynold’s desk.

The legislature passed a $282 million water quality bill Tuesday that now awaits Reynold’s signature. This bill allocates $282 million to water quality initiatives over the next 12 years. Some environmentalists have opposed the bill saying it doesn’t do enough to address the problem, and Democrats have said it doesn’t do enough to hold those who receive money from the state accountable.

Representative Jarad Klein (R) says this bill is only the beginning for water improvement, “The naysayers are thinking that this is the only bill that we intend to do and that’s not the case, and that was some of the behind-the-scenes things that were going on. There were people that didn’t like it because they’re fearful of the other bills that they like won’t get dealt with when that’s not actually the case.”

Klein anticipates Reynolds will sign the bill into law in the coming week, legislation she said she wanted to be the first she signs as governor.