A new book club is being offered at the Washington Public Library with the help of Washington County Conservation. The Science Saturdays book club is a discussion group for curious adults, and will be facilitated by Library Director Debbie Stanton and Naturalist Pam Holz. The book club will meet the last Saturday of the next four months, starting tomorrow. The National Science Foundation came up with the theme, which is “Pushing the Limits,” and each book and discussion will be focused on how humans have pushed the limits of science, and what that means today and in the future.

The theme for January is “Pushing the Limits of Knowledge,” and they will be discussing the book “Brain Bugs: How the Brain’s Flaws Shape our Lives.” Holz says the book was a fascinating look at how the brain operates. She explains, “(The book) uses a comparison of how a computer operates as a metaphor to help make it a little bit easier to understand. And how we have normal ‘glitches’ in our brain that make us assume, or jump to conclusions, or see things that are not necessarily there and that we believe are true, because our brains are wired for that.” Holz says even if people haven’t had a chance to read the book, they are still welcome to come to the book club and join an open, respectful discussion. For more information about the Science Saturdays book club, listen to the In Touch with Southeast Iowa interview with Holz at KCIIRadio.com.