One commercial dog breeder in rural Riverside was approved for a license but according to the Iowa Department of Agriculture the inspection cites a number of concerns. The Animal Welfare Inspection Form from November 20th for the business owned by Lloyd Yoder with 84 dogs, states there is not adequate space for whelping, ventilation needed to be addressed, there needs to be separation from poultry, all dogs should be turned out twice daily and exercised, and the number of personnel is “woefully inadequate” for the amount of care. The last line of the report recommends reducing the breeding population to no more than 60 adults with selective breeding.

A search of the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship Animal Industry Bureau breeders in all towns in Washington County for 2015 inspections did not result in any other facilities with concerns listed.

Every breeder licensed with the USDA has to apply for a permit with the State of Iowa annually for $175.