Market Beef Results

McKenna Brinning smiles after the grand champion announcement. Photo by KCII’s Sally Hart.

Grand Champion market beef – McKenna Brinning
Reserve champion – Jaedynn Evans

Champion market heifer – Grant Garman
Reserve champion – James Colbert

Champion market steer – bucket bottle calf – Kaylee Shirkey
Reserve champion – Caden Evans

Champion market heifer – bucket bottle calf – Tori Brush
Reserve champion – Lilly Clark

Champion angus steer – Brooke Sieren
Reserve champion – Blake Juhl

Champion red angus market steer – Caden Evans
Reserve champion – Leah Evans

Champion charolais market steer – Riley Hahn
Reserve champion – Emma Stout

Champion Chianina market steer – Keiffer Sexton
Reserve champion – Nadiyah Brown

Champion hereford steer – Trevor Leyden
Reserve champion – Matt Colbert

Champion limousin steer – Kyle Dallmeyer

Champion Maine-Anjou market steer – Matt Colbert
Reserve champion – Payton Peck

Champion simmental steer – Skyler Juhl
Reserve champion – Brooke Sieren

Champion shorthorn steer – Lindsay Wide

Champion shorthorn plus steer – Macy Marek
Reserve champion – Aaliyah Brown

Division I champion crossbred steer – Bailey Sieren
Reserve champion – Taylor Brinning

Division II champion crossbred steer – Jaedynn Evans
Reserve champion – Avery Shalla

Division III crossbred steer – McKenna Brinning
Reserve champion – Colton Schneider

Champion market steer carcass production class – Justin Litwiller
Reserve champion – – Grady Yeggy

Champion market heifer carcass production class – Erin Chalupa
Reserve champion – Izaiah Hahn

Champion rate of gain – Justin Litwiller
Reserve champion – Erin Chalupa

Senior showmanship – McKenna Brinning
second – Keiffer Sexton

Intermediate showmanship – Matt Colbert
second – Jaedynn Evans

Junior showmanship – Avery Shalla
second – Jacob Eichelberger

Photos by Sally Hart – for more of KCII’s cattle photos from the fair visit KCII’s Facebook page.