A fundraiser in the cities WACO School District encompasses began Sunday. Roughly 50 volunteers from 10 churches are going door to door in Crawfordsville, Olds, Swedesburg and Wayland raising money for C.R.O.P., or Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty. Proceeds are used to provide food, water and shelter to those dealing with poverty in the United States and abroad.

Seventy-five of these fundraisers are held across the state each year. Larry Roth, the director of the local fundraiser, says they’re third in Iowa when it comes to the amount raised. Last year, residents donated $33,000 in the form of money, as well as in corn and beans at local grain elevators. A goal of raising $33,500 has been set for this year.

To learn how to get involved, call 319-256-5463.