In his latest email newsletter, State Representative Jarad Klein says that he is looking forward to what expects will be the first floor debate of the session next week. Meantime, he has spent time in committees including the House Public Safety Committee. That committee heard a report from the Iowa State Patrol.  One of the state patrol priorities for this year will be to increase officer visibility on the roads. One way they hope to do that is by changing some unmarked patrol cars into very noticeable cars with the state patrol logo and lights.  The idea is that drivers tend to slow down and pay more attention to their driving when they see an officer on the road. The State Patrol is also looking at its communication system which might be the subject of legislative funding discussion.

Klein also reacted to a “condition of the guard” speech from Iowa National Guard Adjutant General Tim Orr.  Klein notes Orr’s outline of the link between communities and military.  The Guard’s role will be changing slightly with the reduction in active duty military personnel over the next few years.  Orr also discussed the recent improvement of the employment picture for returning veterans.

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