From new contact rules in the NFL to enhanced protective equipment, concussions have resulted in a lot of changes to sports, and those changes have come to Washington County. A concussion is defined as a trauma force injury to the brain. Eric Turner with JET Physical Therapy tells KCII news that Washington Schools have implemented new technology to better diagnose and treat the condition.

Turner first found out about the system by attending a conference and through research discovered that grants were available to school districts who were interested in using the system. Turner states that incoming Freshmen are given the internet based test before participating in sports to find a baseline level so that if a concussion injury occurs the athlete can later be tested against that mark to make sure they have fully recovered. Turner said examples of test questions can be anything from identifying shapes and symbols to matching colors with words. Turner also says that this test provides an extra level of protection for student athletes above previous protocols to make sure that the individual has fully recovered before being cleared to participate.

Turner acknowledges that parents and school administrators have been appreciative of the test, keeping the athlete’s safety in mind. Turner disclosed WACO and Pekin schools are also using this technology and that other area schools have contacted him with interest.

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